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The invention relates to a method and apparatus for pre-cooking starch-containing products, in particular rice, accelerator as the preamble of claim 1. It is already known, rice is, to be subjected to treatment under the effect of moisture and heat, and to bring a thus treated rice as parboiled rice on the market, in which rice, the cooking time is substantially reduced to a hydro-thermal treatment.

Such hydro-thermi rule procedures, other starchy products may be subject for the same purpose. To this end, it has been proposed einzu the rice in water soft, then boil and worms Reiskörner remove the rice grains from the cooking article source and dry.

Although sufficient for this procedure simple and inexpensive devices, but such an approach is energy- and time-consuming and see more allows batch processing worms Reiskörner rice.

Thus, the cooking process is accelerated while, but this be constrained devices are relatively expensive and their Bedie planning requires - even by law - a specially trained staff. Also, the energy consumption is relatively large in this known worms Reiskörner and this method also worms Reiskörner it possible only one batch treatmen development of the rice.

The treatment here is more stages in general, making an even greater expenditure on equipment required and brings a greater worms Reiskörner consumption. The swollen by soaking in unheated water rice is performed worms Reiskörner this known device by shafts whose walls are heated.

In the latter case, however, there is the danger that the bearing directly against the shaft wall rice grains are heated more strongly than the rice grains located in the middle of the shaft, so that no uniform treatment is provided. The object of the invention is based is to design a method and apparatus for hydro-thermal treatment of starch-containing products, in particular of rice so that the Ener is energy requirement reduced, the need for expensive and worms Reiskörner be operated worms Reiskörner by qualified personnel autoclave be avoided and that nevertheless a product of good quality is obtained.

To solve this problem the characterizing features of claim 1 are proposed. Characterized in that the product is first brought to cooking temperature, and generally at atmospheric pressure, ie without the use of pressure vessels, worms Reiskörner is sufficient to introduce only the amount of heat required to achieve these cooking temperature initially to begin the cooking process worms Reiskörner pressure, worms Reiskörner then in the heat-holding zone under the influence of the first thermal energy introduced is continued.

Such a method is therefore very energy efficient and can be performed continu ously in a simple manner, with expensive equipment, such as are required for learn more here processes and for cooking in pressure vessels can be avoided. The heat-holding zone is designed by worms Reiskörner so that worms Reiskörner occurring worms Reiskörner natural heat losses are minimized.

This pre-heating can for example be characterized in that worms Reiskörner product for humidifying in hot water is soaked. So that the drying is also gentle, this he is made inventively useful in several stages.

An apparatus for carrying worms Reiskörner the process according to Invention comprises the features of claim. For this purpose, the heat-retaining container is provided a me Heizeinrich processing means of which are offset during the residence time of the cooking temperature brought worms Reiskörner production tes the worms Reiskörner heat loss. Thus, the temperature is kept constant in the heat-holding container according to a further feature of the invention in the heat-holding container, a temperature sensor may be provided which regulates the heating via a control circuit to maintain a certain temperature before.

The heating device comprises in accordance with a preferred embodiment of the invention, a plurality of spaced transversely to the direction of flow of the product inside the heat-holding worms Reiskörner, from a hot heat worms Reiskörner medium, preferably steam, flowing through it on re crude. Suitably, the tubes have an elongated in worms Reiskörner direction of flow of the product profile cross-section with an upper, tapering roof section and an worms Reiskörner the roof portion of the lower portion, whose extension is greater in the longitudinal direction of the pipe cross-section than that of the roof portion and the extension of which tung perpendicular worms Reiskörner the longitudinal Rich the tube cross section abgewen against the roof portion end to end slightly convergent.

Such tubes have a flow-favorable profile, as the roof section divides the worms Reiskörner flowing through the grains of the product vorzukochenden and the lower, slightly converging section prevents the risk of deposits of damp and long sam on the surface gelatinisierenden product on the pipe wall. The heat retainer may be according to the invention composed of several ele ments, said through which the hot heat transfer medium pipes are in each element is preferably arranged parallel to each other and in adjacent elements cross one another on.

The formation of the heat-retaining container from several reindeer, preferably worms Reiskörner identical construction elements enables a modular-like assembly, and thus an adjustment of the heat-retaining container to the respective requirements. The drying device according to the invention at least teilwei se by a subsequent in the flow direction of the product to the last element of the heat-retaining container drying element is formed, which is through the direction of flow of the product, flows through transversely to the drying air, preferably.

From such одинаковые Suppositorien für die Behandlung von Würmern почему formation has the advantage that the element structure of the heat-holding container can be continued in the drying device, the outer shape to that of the elements of the heat is then identical holding container, whereby the manufacture worms Reiskörner simplified ver.

In this part of the drying device, expediently carried le diglich pre-drying since it is low for the purpose of gentle handling of the product, the drying in at least two Stu fen make. It is expedient, therefore, if the drying device worms Reiskörner at worms Reiskörner partially formed from a separate container holding from the heat dryer which is flowed worms Reiskörner in counter-current to the flow of the product drying air.

So that the product is pre-cooked in the required manner when leaving the heat-holding, it is necessary that this product remains a predetermined time in the heat holding worms Reiskörner. To ensure this, it is provided according to a further feature of the invention, at the discharge end of the heat-retaining container and the drying element connected to that means for discharging do overbased, by which the throughput capacity may be controlled by the heat-holding container.

The apparatus shown in Fig. In the housing of the screw conveyor 1 the nozzles 2 are provided for the worms Reiskörner of a fluid. Through this supply of steam the rice at atmospheric pressure, without the use of a pressure vessel to cooking temperature is brought. Then, the humidified cooking temperature comprising rice enters into a heat retaining container 9, which is formed siloartig and the embodiment according to Fig.

In the heat holding tank 9 are located temperature probe 21 through which the source 20 is controlled via a control circuit 22 for maintaining a predetermined temperature. However, a heat is supplied only to the extent that when a temperature reduction of the rice within the heat retaining container 9 yields due to heat losses.

However, these are low due to the thermal insulation. The residence time of the rice in the heat holding tank 9 depends on the type of rice and the desired degree of gelatinization and worms Reiskörner about 10 to 40 minutes, especially about 15 to 35 minutes.

Within this time the temperature of the rice will surely drop somewhat, so that the arrangement of Worms Reiskörner tung 20 is advantageous. From the small amount of heat, which must be however supplied through the heater 20, but can also be seen how much energy worms Reiskörner be saved time during the relatively long dwell.

This dryer is in the shown execution example of Fig. For Ver avoiding loss of quality to the drying be this web page worms Reiskörner before. Therefore, it is convenient to carry out the drying in several stages to arrange in the present case several series-connected belt dryer 12th.

For moistening the rice this a steep tank is first fed to at least that with a not shown supply pipe for water, with a likewise non-illustrated supply line for steam and functional moderately well with a se known level sensor is provided. The preheating of the rice in the steep tank has the advantage that the actual heating worms Reiskörner in which the rice is worms Reiskörner to cooking temperature can be kept small and the heat transfer is carried out slowly and gently.

The long residence time of the rice in the steeps dingt be that for a plurality of quasi-continuous operation, we nigstens two such containers must be provided, which are wech selweise emptied. It may also be of interest for different rice varieties provide each one Soaking one hundred and first. The moisture required having rice passes Suspension für aus Wurm steep tank via a belt conveyor 3 in a filling funnel 4, which may include a metering member to make here feeding of the rice evenly with certainty.

About the hopper 4 of the rice to the aforementioned heat-up is fed toin which the moistened rice is brought to cooking temperature device. The Hund behandeln Würmern steam is fed via correspondingly arranged nozzles 2, which worms Reiskörner joined to feed pipes 5 is.

For better mixing of rice with the supplied steam, a mixing or agitation factory is provided in the heating device expedient of which is shown only the agitator shaft 18th. During this time, heat losses occur despite thermoinsulating tion that must worms Reiskörner compensated. Dies kann auf dieselbe Weise erfolgen, wie es anhand des in Fig. This can be done in the same way as it was described on the basis of shown in Fig.

The arrangement of these pipes worms Reiskörner ensures a uniform heat distribution over the entire flow area, and a rapid transition of the heat by arrangement of large contact areas.

Die Einzelheiten dieser Konstruktion werden im folgenden anhand der Fig. The details of this construction are described in detail below with reference to FIG. Because by an equalization of the heat is evenly is also achieved through the development flow area. Of course, it is possible worms Reiskörner provide criss-crossed horizontal pipes in each of the elements, which, however, are complicated worms Reiskörner pipes and leads. It is also possible, worms Reiskörner include to form the lattice-like tubes, but these tubes are difficult to clean, and such a design causes a severe narrowing of the flow cross-section, so that worms Reiskörner Darge presented construction is preferred.

In order unit Licher forming the individual elements, it is advantageous if these are viewed in cross section perpendicular to the direction of flow of the rice, a square configuration.

This allows for easy connection of the individual neighboring worms Reiskörner. This predryer is transverse to the flow worms Reiskörner of the rice traversed by worms Reiskörner air is supplied via a fan 8 on the one side and discharged at the opposite side via a hood. If necessary in the air discharged to od dust worms Reiskörner. To be side, it is expedient, the hood 13 has a Abschei of, preferably a cyclone 14 nachzuschalten.

At the discharge end of the pre-drier 15 is again a device 10 for the metered discharge, the throughput capacity determines the speed of passage through the heat holder containerand thus the residence worms Reiskörner of the rice in the same.

Drehzahl dieser Ein richtung einstellbar. Suitably, the throughput capacity or speed of a device can be adjusted. The dryer is flowed through in counter-current to the worms Reiskörner of rice from bottom to top of air, so that worms Reiskörner complete drying of rice is done.

In the interior of the dome located in front of the mouth of the feed worms Reiskörner 41 is a diffuser plate 43, to distribute the supplied steam inside the dome 39 to the tubes 44 uniformly. Worms Reiskörner tubes 44 pass through the cross section of the member and worms Reiskörner at the worms Reiskörner end worms Reiskörner the dome 40, which is Aktionsmittel gegen Parasiten with a provided at the lower end of the mandrel withdrawal port 45 through which the steam and the worms Reiskörner water is discharged.

However, it is also possible to clip on this trigger 45 only discharge the condensed water and to provide for the vapor withdrawal another in the upper region of the dome 40th. Such a configuration is common in grain dryers. The tubes lie continue reading in two superposed planes, the tubes in these two planes are offset from each other appropriately in order to переходим Vorbereitung von Würmern für stillende Mütter in Мне a uniform heat distribution.

The tubes of each level sen to a common, along running on the outer side of the element inlet pipe and is Schlos, wherein on the, in the drawing due to the Schnittdarstel lung not visible opposite side, there is a entspre and fair exhaust pipe.

Also in this embodiment it follows the feed of the worms Reiskörner with steam in parallel. The tubes include an elongated in the direction of flow of the rice profile cross-section. This consists of an upper, tapering roof section 16 of relatively small height and a subsequent section 17 including a greater height, the width of which converges slightly towards the lower end. The roof section 16 divided grains of the current flowing through rice, by possessing an aerodynamically favorable profile up to its greatest width extension.

To prevent the risk of deposits of damp and slowly gelati-organizing at the surface of worms Reiskörner rice on the outer wall of the tubes as possible, connects to the roof portion 16 of the slightly converging portion 17 of which causes a pressure relief as a result worms Reiskörner his training, without thereby reducing the heat transfer surfaces occurs.

Such a tube profile can be manufactured easily on the underside of the profile by bending a metal sheet to the roof edge of the portion 16 and by connecting the two end portions. In a device according to Fig. After that, the rice arrived in the heat holding tankwhere worms Reiskörner remained for about 30 minutes.

Worms Reiskörner that, the rice for several hours, for the purpose of conditioning that was left protruding. The container has a heating jacket providing sufficient heat merely to compensate for natural cooling losses, as measured by an immersed sensor 21 and processed by a control circuit On completion of thermal treatment, rice is transferred to a multi-stage dryer 12 operated by counter-flowing warm more info and finally discharging the rice for packaging.

Therefore, it is convenient to carry out the drying in several stages to arrange worms Reiskörner the present case several series-connected belt dryer 12th Fig. A process for hydro-thermal treatment of starch-containing products, in particular for producing worms Reiskörner boil rice, the wet product is first cooked by supply of thermal energy and dried after cooking, and optionally cooled, characterized in that the product first by supply of thermal energy at atmospheric pressure is brought to cooking temperature and after reaching the same is held in a heat-holding zone for a predetermined time at this cooking temperature.

The method of claim 1, characterized in that the supply of thermal energy is performed by superheated steam feeding. The method worms Reiskörner claim 1 or 2, characterized in that in the worms Reiskörner zone, a supply worms Reiskörner heat energy worms Reiskörner only to compensate for the natural heat loss.

The method according to any one worms Reiskörner claims 1 to 4, characterized in that the product is dried after cooking in several stages. An apparatus worms Reiskörner hydro-thermal treatment of starch-containing products, in particular for producing par boil rice, according to one of claims 1 to 5, with a Kochein direction for the moistened product and a Trocknungseinrich tung and optionally a cool device for the cooked product, characterized in that the cooking device, preferably a heat-insulating, heat-retaining container 9, comprises on which receives the cooking temperature, brought worms Reiskörner product for a predetermined time.

Apparatus according to claim 6 or 7, characterized in that in the heat-retaining container 9, a Temperature Sensor High ler 21 is provided, which via a control circuit 22the heating means 20, 44, for maintaining a regulates vorbestimm th temperature. Apparatus according to claim 6, having 7 or 8, characterized in that a heating worms Reiskörner more in the interior of the heat-retaining container transverse to the flow direction of the production worms Reiskörner arranged, by a heat transfer medium, preferably steam-carrying tubes 44, The device according to claim 9, characterized in that the tubes comprises an elongated in the direction of flow of the product profile cross-section with an upper, tapering roof section 16 and a section at the Dachab 16 adjoining the bottom portion 17 have, whose extension in the longitudinal direction of the pipe cross-section RESIZE SSER is than that of the roof section 16 and its extension perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the pipe cross-section, preferably against the roof portion 16 remote from the end slightly converge FIG.

The device according to one of claims 6 to 12, as characterized by that the drying device at least partially from a from the heat-holding container separate dryer is formed which is flowed through in counter-current to the flow direction of the product of drying air.

DE DEC2 en Method and apparatus for products, in particular rice here treated with worms Reiskörner containing starch.

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